Hi i'm dr. amanish lohan

I am a Business Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Writer and a Cyber Security Consultant. If you have a business which needs expansion, I have the tools to make that happen


Starting a business is never easy. What is more difficult is choosing the right strategy which will work. If you are planning to start your business or already in the beginning stages of a business, we can help you determine your market, competitors, marketing strategies and much more.

Cyber Safety Consulting

With increasing dependence on the internet for our daily lives, the risk of online bullying and cyber frauds is rising exponentially. We provide you the best ways of operating online businesses, handline finances, securing websites, your own WiFi network, cyber hygiene practices and much more.

digital marketing and content

Marketing your business online is the cheapest and most efficient way to reach maximum consumers. But doing it by ourselves always seems a challenge. Browse through our brilliant plans which provide you with an awesome website, social media marketing, google Ads, search engine optimization, all in one place.

Our gallery


Every house or office can be brought to life with some fabulous artwork. Icing on the cake is when it’s all hand drawn and customized for you. Browse through our finest art collection, with prices so low, it will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

Why choose us

No Hidden Costs

Unlike most digital marketing agencies out there, we provide a fixed cost model with utmost transparency. You only pay for what you need

Affordable and Efficient

Being a small business or a budding entrepreneur, every penny matters. The last thing you want to do is overspend on marketing, and that is where we come in

Customized Services

You can hire 10 different agencies which will use the same old strategies, even though they might not be ideal for your business. We provide customized solutions

Superior Content

The quality of a product or service can be seen in the content written about it. We will create blogs, articles, taglines for your business which will sweep your customers off their feet

About myself

I have a PhD in Marketing, with experience in both academics and the corporate world. Currently, I am the Head of Operations for the Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a leading organization in cyber security. I have assisted several budding entrepreneurs and small businesses in expanding their scope at affordable costs. I have been educated in India and the United Kingdom and have a lucid understanding of business scenarios and markets, both in developed and developing economies. 

I also hold a Masters in International Affairs, which provides me with a vivid understanding of global markets, and their influence on our own businesses, both large and small. 

I am also a digital marketing specialist and can provide your business or product the right boost to reach the actual consumer. Digital marketing is a lot more than boosting posts on Facebook and needs an intricate understanding of consumer psychology and demographics. I can help you there.