What is the real reason behind World Conflict?

By April 20, 2017World Affairs

When we talk about conflict, human nature always comes to mind. If we look at things objectively, most of us find a reason to fight or be violent. Although, we call it animal nature, I believe it is more of human nature. But when it comes to conflict at the global level, things are a bit different. What if I told you that World Conflict is a result of few individuals who want to gain profit by making a business out of it. Didn’t follow? Let me explain.

World Conflict is a massive word with huge weightage in terms of consequences. It may occur between two nations, non-state terrorist groups, revolutionaries, activists, private entities etc. But primarily, when we talk about World Conflict, we envision the involvement of two or more states. But in the 21st century, the role of non-state violent actors has risen rapidly. When we see a news channel, we are fed various notions like why there was a conflict, how fanatics of a certain religion are fighting with each other, how two states are fighting over a territory etc. Though these reasons might be true to an extent, these are not the only reasons for conflict.

What do people need to fight one another? Arms and ammunition is mostly the need of the hour. So many times, we have seen fanatics with a rocket launcher on their shoulder firing away madly at what is supposed to be their enemy. But where do these people get these arms? Is there a super store in the middle of those desert areas where you can shop for these supplies? Or maybe a showroom where they buy all the pickup trucks. Well, the truth is that all this is economics – supply and demand. The basic principle which states that every demand will be met by supply.

Are you aware that the world’s 6 largest defence manufacturers belong to a single nation? And that very nation has, in the name of world peace and homeland security, aggravated violence and conflict in more than 30 nations. Yup, that number does sound huge, but unfortunately it is true. You are free to not believe me, but again there is no argument bigger than a logical one. Now, these huge defence companies with budget worth billions of dollars need a market to sell their weapons. Due to nuclear deterrence, conventional war between nations is almost impossible. So, the next best option is to fight terrorists. If there aren’t any terrorists, you can always manufacture.

Trust me I am not kidding. It is a simple process which involves invading a nation, over throwing the ruling regime, hand all the power to a minority faction, anger every single citizen by bombarding half the country…and voila you have so many terrorists. The next step involves supplying the weapons build by these companies to these very terrorists and obviously to the side they are fighting as well. After all it’s a fair market and anyone who is paying should get the supply. Interestingly, the money for these weapons also comes from a variety of sources controlling the stock market. It is no miracle stock brokers earn millions of dollars in a single day. If you can manipulate world events, you can very well control the stock prices right?

Well, I guess that is too much information for a single article and conflict is not going anywhere in the coming future. With North Korea firing a missile every other day and China claiming every island in the South China Sea, events are going to be interesting. Let us just hope that no one presses the red button of doom, and well end this conflict once and for all.