5 Reasons people get angry so quickly

By February 3, 2017Society

We have all seen around us, how anger takes on a person and they just seem to lose it all of a sudden. Sometimes, even the calmest person we know tends to get so angry that it is literally surprising to watch. So, what are the reasons people get so angry all the time? Let’s find out.

Built up frustration turning into anger

Not many people today are satisfied with what they have. Everyone wants what the other has. This results in a sense of frustration which keeps building up with time. The frustration of not achieving enough at work, or in a relationship or even disturbance at home leads to a built up anger which then spurts out at the wrong moment. This is becoming more so common among young people these days, as the intent to put effort is going down. But at the same time, they want outputs without working, failure of which again results in anger.

The false sense of superiority

This is a case of so many people I personally know. A false feeling of high gain above others makes people arrogant, which in turn comes out as anger. Why? Well because somehow in our society, money is equivalent to authority and defying such people is not allowed. So whenever something does not go their way, such people tend to get very angry. It is actually funny as even after all the money in the bank, anger is their most expressive statement.

Venting someone else’s anger on some other person

This has happened with all of us at some point in time. We get angry when someone scolds us, or does something which we do not like. And many a times we cannot get angry at that person, so we vent it on somebody else. When your boss shouts at you, the brunt is taken up either by the gatekeeper or even someone dear to you, like mother or wife. And if the other person is just not ready to take your attitude, well that calls for trouble – way lot of anger to deal with.

why people get so angry

Stuck in the same routine

We are all 21st century beings and technology and mayhem has taken over lives. It is actually surprising that the anger of so many people does not dissipate into more horrid things. Our intolerance levels have reached a level where our comfort level is above anything, even someone’s life. And being stuck in the same routine, feeling sense of uselessness and time monotony is killing us within and making us angry.

Lastly, expecting too much!!

This is one of the biggest mistakes we make in life. Expecting one thing or the other from others. Let me ask you – when was the last time you did something for others? Yah, so what right do you have to expect from others? The expectation level drives us insane and leaves us full of bitterness and anger. And once again, this dissipates in verbal, or at worse times, physical form. If you are feeling the same within, now is the time to change your habits. In our next article, we will tell you sure shot ways to reduce angry emotions and being happier in life.