5 Reasons your workout is not working out

By January 17, 2017Health and Fitness

Many of us have goals and ambitions of a healthy body and a good looking physique. Even after slogging numerous hours in the gym, somehow the results are not shown. Well, there are reasons why your workout routine is not working for you. Let us see why.

You are skipping meals

This is the worst mistake anybody can ever make. If you are looking to strengthen your body and increase your muscle frame, then you cannot afford to skip meals. Even if you have a mildly active routine, your body needs in access of 2500-3000 calories every day. And especially with heavy lifting in the gym, your muscles need recovery which will also retain muscle gaining. Also, always make sure you do not miss breakfast. This is a common trend among so many working professionals. I cannot emphasize enough on how important breakfast is. So please eat at least 5-6 meals a day.

You are trying too hard


Sometimes, trying too hard can work against us. Always remember that the person lifting 80 kg on the bench press next to you has been working out way longer than you. Also, every individual is different and the body responds differently for everyone. Your workout regime cannot be the same as someone else’s. It is possible that instead of building up, you muscles are going into fatigue. This could be a major reason you are not gaining muscle.

You are not taking supplements

Now, this is still a very blurry topic among so many people. Firstly, let me clarify that supplements and steroids are not the same things, obviously. Supplements are something which helps us to gain the desired nutrients which our meals do not provide. Due to out hectic routines, we are unable to eat properly and hence muscle recovery is hampered. I am not a strong advocate of supplements on a regular basis and I personally do not bank on them all the time. But time and now, you should try Protein Shakes and other supplements to boost your output. If you think they are not suiting you, please discontinue immediately.

supplements can be useful


You are not sleeping well

A major reason for your workout not working out is lack of sleep or sleeping at odd hours. Our body functions like a machine which needs to shut down for a few hours. If you are not sleeping well, your muscles do not recover quick enough and this can lead to a negative effect on your muscle building regime. Also, avoid sleeping during the day as it disturbs the whole cycle and leaves you tired and restless

Finally, you are not believing!!

Yes, it might sound strange but believing in yourself consists at least, if not more, 50 percent of your workout. You need to be as mentally involved as physically to attain the desired results. If all you are doing in the gym is chit chatting and lifting heavy weights, just to compete with others, then you are not helping anyone. You need to concentrate on your workout and results will start showing immediately. Just believe in your capabilities, eat right and do not overthink…..after all, the body achieves what the mind believes!!!


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