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If you have a business or a product which needs to reach the market, then research is essential

So what are we offering?

We offer something known as the Market Research Report (MRR). This is a customized report which will be offered to you, based on the market and the product/service you want to sell. There are 3 different forms of reports we provide, depending on the depth of information required by you. This will also depend on the type of business you are entering and how wide you want to expand your business or product line.

Step 1 - Know where you stand right now

If you have started a business, there are a lot of things which feel overwhelming. Do you feel that you do not have the complete knowledge of your market? If you believe you already know your market well, then you might not need us at all.

Step 2 - understand your business scope

Every business and product has a life cycle. This determines how long you can sell a product and the size of your potential market. Before we come in, you should know your own targets and how far you want to expand your business.

Choose the perfect plan

Once you know what you need, go through our three amazing pricing plans. Based on the depth of research required, you can choose the plan which suits you. 

INR 500*

INR 1500*

INR 4500*

*GST as applicable

Frequently asked questions

A Market Research Report (MRR) provides you with a detailed analysis of the business domain you are entering/or have entered. It helps you in understanding the current landscape and the competitors you are going against. We also provide you recommnedations based on the domain you are operating in

Absolutely yes!! You might believe your business has reached saturation, but in reality there is a lot of untapped potential out there. A MMR will provide you the recommendations on what strategies you can use to expand your business further.

It does not matter whether you are selling burgers or aircrafts, there is always competition. If you are not keeping up with the times, there is a risk of going obsolete and lagging behind your competition

Whether you own a shop, a store, a mall or a chain, MMR is for everyone. If you want to expand your business and beat your competitors, you need to understand the market and consumer requirements.

If you are well versed with your market and competitors, then we would not recommend a MMR for you. However, we also provide an array of services to sell your products online, all the way from Facebook to Google. Click Here to know more

Our clients say

"I am a young entrepreneur in the coffe business. I had started my own brand of coffee in College itself. After going full-time into business, I had no clue how to expand my business. Amanish's Market Reports really helped me out and now I have a plan to go ahead".
Ritesh Arora
"I have been in the food industry for the last 12 years. After working in multiple five star hotels as a chef, I opened my own restaurant. Although business was good, but Amanish provided me with another level of reach through his digital marketing"
Yagnik Singh