Cold War and its consequences

By January 9, 2017World Affairs

At some point in time, we have all heard about the Cold War and how it continued to affect the world for almost 45 years. The term Cold War is even used for situations where two entities are entangled in a strife but not very expressive about it. But how did it actually start? What happened between USA and Russia which led to such a fallout that the two became sworn enemies? After all, they fought together in the 2nd World War. Well, let us find out.

So, I am not getting into the technicalities of world politics here. But I’ll definitely give you a brief overview of how the World has shaped out since the two superpowers, namely USA and the then Soviet Union, initiated the Cold War. Now, as these two nations were pretty powerful at the end of World War II, they wanted their share of the post victory spoils. Even though USA did not lose much in terms of man power, the Soviet Union lost millions of soldiers and civilians. So, as soon as the war ended, all the allies started collecting whatever piece of land or resources they could gather. And as the battlefield was Europe, it became a middle ground. Ironically, Berlin, the place which was captured in order to eradicate Hitler became a new battlefield. If all this is getting too complicated, let us simplify things here.

Imagine USA and Soviet Union as two big boys who came together to appease a notorious boy called Hitler. Once Hitler was pacified, both these boys started fighting for whatever was left behind. But, soon both USA and Soviet Union realized that they want to run things very differently. So, they started pulling the small boys towards them and started influencing them. USA offered them the Capitalist chocolate and Soviet Union offered the Socialist ice-cream. Slowly, most of the boys started taking sides as no one wanted to be left behind. But there were many like India who neither wanted chocolate nor ice cream. These boys were called the Non-Aligned nations. But the big boys wanted everyone to be on their side and they could not stand neutrals. So, during the Cold War, they started employing different tactics to woo these neutrals – either through persuasion or force.

Cold War and its consequences


And within no time, both the big boys spread their limbs farther than they could handle. No one wanted the other to control a country and for that they could go to any lengths. Hence, the bloody wars in Vietnam, IndoChina, Middle East, Africa etc arose. Both USA and Soviet Union wanted a government which supports their ideology. The Soviet Union was less interfering in terms of military takeovers, but USA was quick to send troops and resources in name of ‘world peace’. Have you ever wondered why so many people in the Middle East hate USA? It is because their peace was disturbed long ago by colonial powers, and the consequences of the Cold War are still visible. For example, the rise of ISIS is a direct consequence of Saddam Hussein from Iraq by the USA. There are numerous other cases, but the world order keeps a blind eye as no one wants to upset the ‘big boys’. What started as a Cold War between two nations resulted in violence and genocide in several countries one after the other. Its affects are visible even today in terms of terrorism. Is world peace actually possible with such circumstances? I honestly don’t know – you tell me.