Donald Trump: The real trump card?

By December 12, 2016World Affairs

Not more than a year ago, the now President elect Donald Trump was no more than a joke for the prime time viewer. It would not be wrong to say that the only person who believed Donald Trump could become America’s next President was Trump himself. Even when the race reached its final stages, and both the Democrats and Republicans finalized their candidates, no one wanted to believe that Trump could win under any circumstances. It was like a reality which could never become one. But since his election results, Donald Trump has ‘surprisingly’ made some decisions which could actually benefit the nation in the long run.

To begin with, Donald Trump has been a businessman for most of his life and yes that’s true that he has absolutely no experience in politics. But isn’t that good? America has seen a string of Presidents who had tons of ‘political experience’ but nothing spectacular came out of that. So isn’t it better to give an ‘outsider’ a chance? In today’s economy driven world politics, Trump indeed might have the right cards to steer America out of debt. He has already initiated a friendly dialogue with Russia and even appointed Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil to be his next Secretary of State. It is true that Mr Tillerson would benefit hugely by reinstating his business tie ups with Russia once again, but this will also benefit the American economy.


And for those who would doubt his ethics based on him being a ‘businessman’, Trump has already questioned deals with Boeing and Lockheed Martin, both American companies. Again, this could be a result of business rivalries in the past, but if he can justify his decisions to the exchequer, then there is no harm in accepting them. At this point of time, it is too soon to judge Trump’s leadership skills based on his past endeavors or his so-called ‘eccentric’ behavior. After all, didn’t Americans seal their fate on the day they nominated Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidates?

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