How you can deal with corona virus right now

Corona virua

There is widespread fear and panic due to the corona virus among everyone. With a rather casual approach to begin with, countries are now slowly coming to terms with its seriousness and taking initiatives to deal with it. Even India observed its first janta curfew this Sunday, with a likelihood of the duration being increased to a few more days or weeks. In this situation of mayhem, it is essential that we all keep calm and do not fall prey to false rumors. By following a few simple and easy steps, you can keep this virus at bay.

First of all, the importance of hygiene cannot be emphasized any more in deterring the virus to spread further. What I found slightly amusing is that people think this is some special remedy against virus. Absolutely not!! Personal hygiene is a way of life which will keep most infections at bay. Please wash your hands whenever you come back home from outside. This does not mean splurging all the water as well. I would suggest you keep a bucket of lukewarm or even hot water for all your hand washing needs. We certainly do not want to move from corona virus to water shortage, which is a battle we are already fighting.

Secondly, it would be advisable to reduce the amount of contact we have with the outside world. If there are n number of people in a household, our bodies are immune to most of the bacteria or viruses residing in those people. Due to a long-term exposure, it is very unlikely we will fall sick due to such infections. Although, any bacteria or even corona virus being transmitted from outside can be fatal for you. I would suggest filling up a small bucket of water with a cup of Dettol or any other disinfectant and dip products like milk packets, groceries etc in that before using it. Once again, making this a long-term habit has no harm.

Thirdly, care for infants and older people. Their bodies are not that resistant to infections as the production of immunity cells in the body is limited. We need to understand the gravity of the situation here. One wrong step on your part can lead to loss of life for your loved ones. Countries like Italy, France or UK are not being able to cope with the situation, and their medical care is light years ahead of us. If this thing spreads throughout communities in India, it will definitely lead to millions of lives lost. And if you still think you will be left out, well then you are literally too stupid to insult or enlighten!!

Finally, don’t be selfish. Yes, I know it is human nature and due to this even our planet has been suffering. If I was planet earth, I would be a glad entity that corona happened. Waterways are cleaner, the air is cleaner, wildlife is breathing better etc. All we humans do is pollute the planet with a blatant ignorance for all fauna and flora. Even now, the fear of dying is driving us to be careful. But you know what? That’s ok. After all, it will benefit others. What I do urge you to do is please isolate yourself if you are not feeling well. Stop roaming around like a lunatic and sneezing and coughing on others. One kind step goes a long way. So please, stay indoors, stay clean and stay safe and let’s beat corona before it is too late.


Amanish Lohan