Food for thought

India is headed for a severe water shortage and this is what you should do


Water is an entity which is critical for our survival and India is facing a severe water shortage problem. But how did we reach such a stage? Is the government to blame, or the weather conditions, maybe the population boom? What we always forget is that we are the population, we are the crowd. I remember someone once said we are not stuck in the jam, we are the jam. So what are the steps India as a country can take to conserve the already depleting water? Let’s find out.


Start saving, of course!!

Now, this sounds simpler than done. Saving water is just not in our genes. All most of us care about is the money, and maybe that is due to the difficult living situation many of us have had. Everything else just becomes something for granted or else not needed. And we think once we have the money, everything can be bought, including water. But what we fail to understand is that nature is not corrupt and cannot be bought. The resources are limited and we are already wasting enough. The sooner we start conserving the better future we can make for ourselves and the coming generation.

Innovative solutions to store water

We as the common people need to work more inclusively with the society we live in and store water in a more innovative manner. If we cannot conserve water, we will not sustain. For example, in cities like Delhi, there are multiple heritage sites with large water reservoirs. Why not make these reservoirs functional and start storing water in them? After all, that’s what they were meant for. Every monsoon, all our cities are flooded with rain water, and the only place it is stored in are the streets. We all know monsoon comes every year, and so does the shortage. So why not come up with new solutions like curved water tanks, or innovative rain storage solutions and utilize what we have? Even the amount of water lost in sewage is absolutely unacceptable. Why not recycle that water for irrigation or other meagre purposes? If not today, tomorrow we will be forced to do something like this. So might as well start now.


Stop fighting, start cooperating

In a country like India, ego rides high and all of us think lesser of the individual next to us. Luckily, some catastrophes like natural disasters do bring us together and teach us to cooperate. But why lose a life before learning a lesson? We can start our own initiatives and start conserving water. Yes, the government should lead the initiative, but let’s get realistic for a moment. We all know how efficient or inefficient the system is, and it every man for himself. But we need to work together as a society and help each other out. After all, the more we fight the more we lose. I have seen multiple residential areas where the battle for water is a serious one. And as our habit of stashing stuff seldom goes, we do the same with water. “Oh, I only need 1 liter but let me collect 10, as others should not get it”. This attitude will not take us far, believe me. The only way all of us will survive this water shortage in the future is through cooperation and nothing else.


Now, either you can accept or choose to ignore that India is headed for a major water shortage in the next five years or so. How I know this is not important, but steps need to be taken and soon. You can live in your own world of ignorance and deal with the catastrophe after it strikes, or else take proactive steps to delay this problem. The choice is in our hands and our hands only. So let us make the better choice today and save water.




Amanish Lohan