The Indian Education System: A Mismatched Race

By January 8, 2017Society

Being a part of the Indian Education System has been a part of all our lives. Growing up in the 80s, 90s or the 21st century, not much has changed. Or maybe it has – the deteriorated condition has gotten even worse. Around 20-30 years ago, the Indian Education System was producing professionals of the highest order. But nowadays, even that seems a far fetched thought.  Now you must be wondering why we are so sceptical of the so called Indian Education System.

In reality, the Indian Education System in itself is pretty competitive and knowledge gaining. But the problem arises when it becomes too competitive. And do you know where the root of this evil lies? Well, let us first envision how the system is flawed before moving on to the ‘evil roots’. Firstly, our Education System is a rigid structure which does not allow much flexibility for people wanting to think out-of-the-box. At an age of 15-16, a child has to decide whether they want to become an engineer, a doctor or any other ‘irrelevant’ stream. And once you choose a path, there is no turning back. Secondly, the Indian Education System is obsessed with how much a student scores in their exam. Actually it is not only the system which is obsessed – the parents, teachers, principals, relatives, neighbours – everyone is obsessed with it. The intelligent level of a person is unfortunately judged by the marks a student scores in their exams.


This brings us to another important part of the Indian Education System – exams. Somehow, mugging up things and vomiting them on paper makes a student intelligent. And the sad part is that even though there have been eye opening movies like 3 idiots, not many people tend to change. Somehow, the race never ends and the competition to humiliate each other never ends. What is even sadder that the parents imbibe in their children a sense of superiority and arrogance which comes from the amount of marks they score. The Indian Education System is similar to a tree which needs to be climbed by the zebra and the elephant and the monkey and the lion and so on. And we all know who is going to win that race.

Every individual has a capability and an aptitude. To measure 2 people’s capability on the same parameters is now only wrong, it is ludicrous. Yes, there are individuals who excel at anything and everything they do, but even they have favourites. The youth of India has a potential which if properly harnessed can take the nation to great heights. But unfortunately, they are busy scoring marks and securing a government job. The end result of this distraught factory is a bunch of individuals who not only curse their jobs but their decisions which put them here. Hence, let us create a new dimension in our archaic Education System which provides the freedom and opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams and goals.