“I will destroy you”, he said. “In that case, I will destroy your world”, was the reply. This abstract conversation perfectly sums up the concept of ‘knowing is owning’. History of mankind is marred with violence and conflict, yet in every instance, the importance of information is overlooked. Almost every human, deep within, vies to be powerful and informative. Yet, our social constraints mould us against our will and make us something we are not. The power of intellect is what makes us superior to every creature on this planet, and yet somehow, we take it for granted. The excerpt I shared in the first line is a dialogue between a modern world Goliath and David. Driven by brute and addictive power, Goliath lives in a notion of supremacy and invincibility. And even then, all David needs is the power of information to single handedly destroy the formidable opponent.

Though, I must warn you that the if the path to knowledge is fraught with consequences, the path to information is bristling with thorns from hell itself. You need patience, perseverance, unbreakable will and an enormous appetite. But trust me, once you are at the summit, the view is spectacular. Before moving any further, I should discuss the difference between knowledge and information. To lay it down for the feeble-minded, knowledge makes a person great while information makes them powerful. We live in an intrinsic web of complexities called a society. Want or not, we need to be a part of it and play a character. Now here is the interesting part – who you want to play depends on you and not others. We are not computers and certainly not pre-configured to play a certain role or function. Being a master of disguise is a trait not owned by many, but those who do rule the others. Be a popper or a king, you always know you are playing the crowd. Confused? Let me elaborate.

I am sure many of us have seen a conductor waving his wand and a band of musicians playing away to his master class. But not many of us have seen an air traffic controller playing the ‘airplane musical’. And believe it or not, the latter is who you should be more focused on. After all, one wrong note can send you to afterlife. My point is, being a person who knows everything is a task of responsibility, in addition to the pure lust of power. When you know something about someone, you own their life. And when they don’t know this, the joy is even sweeter.

Being that one person is not easy, as I warned before, you are not the only one who knows. I always look at the world in form of layers. There are those who are living away, rotting away every single moment, on their way to decaying. Then there is the lot which whiles away its time talking about all the nuisance in the world and uploading it online as well. Then there is another lot which thinks too much of themselves, and love to show off at any point possible. These are the most annoying lot, coz they are so stupid to even understand that they are idiots. Then there are who actually do meaningful work and stabilize this gross misbalance which exists. Finally, there is a lot, known as ‘shadows’. These people can follow anyone, become anyone, and of course own anyone. The world thinks of them as losers, idiots and sometimes both. Their specialization lies in this façade they create, and the stories they create. Owning a face is boring, owning a hundred is fun.

The real joy for these people is to gaze these people in their eyes and yet not utter a single word. Manipulating their thoughts, playing with their emotions, information is extracted slowly like honey. If you blink, you miss the moment. In the fight between the commoners, you stealthily make your move and play the cards. Every word spoken by every person might not be useful, though you need to filter the information into intelligence to make it worthy. The closer the source to the enemy, the purer the information. And finally, when the final nail is struck, the world triumphs while you sit in silence and absorb the satisfaction. All the hard work, patience and the minute details pay off and you are one step closer to a better world.


Amanish Lohan