Let the ambulance pass you losers

Every time I see an ambulance stuck in traffic, it riles me up like a volcano. Somehow the fact that a vehicle with its siren going off at its loudest is not able to grab attention of all the people in their cars. If you look at it objectively, there is a person in that ambulance struggling for his/her life and no one seems to care. Then why do we even call ourselves humans? Or do we only care when someone we care about is suffering? But most importantly, why do we act like such mo***s in the first place?

We lack manners in every sense

This is something I have noticed across all South Asians, not only Indians. We are the most ill-mannered people on this planet. And that is shown in our every act, may it be a public place, restaurant, cinema, hotel and yes, even on the road. We blame the traffic officials for all the mania on the roads. But end of the day, we are responsible for that. Wanna know why? Because we don’t have manners to drive, as no one taught it to us. Somehow being behind a steering wheel makes us lords of the street. In our mad power rush, we have forgotten the importance of someone else’s life. I travel a lot in Delhi and people give an excuse that there’s no way for the ambulance to go. But surprisingly, we find the teeniest gap between two vehicles for our own. We also never seem to have an issue jumping the red light for our interest, but won’t budge an inch when the ambulance behind us screams with distress.

It is the intention that matters

We are a nation of more than a billion people. Unfortunately, human life takes a backseat as there are so many. But at the same time, we run behind money and power, and the people who own either of the two. In our nation, people who loot others, are corrupt and bribe every person they know are the people we respect. It’s like, ‘haan that MLA who has 34 murder cases on him and is corrupt to the core, yah I know him very well. We are close friends.’ And somehow we are in awe of such people, a disturbing trend in the whole country. You must be thinking why I am talking about all this when discussing about ambulances. Because it’s all interconnected. I just want to make you realise how shallow and cheap we have become in this quest to become rich.

I have never believed a person is rich just because they have money. A person is rich by his/her virtues, manners, deeds and so many other things. Trust me, money doesn’t even make it to top 50 of those things. I also have a problem with the term ‘innocent people’. No one is innocent, no one. Every time an ambulance is stuck in the traffic, and the person in their dies, we are all murderers. Every single one of us is to blame. Because someone couldn’t reach the hospital on time not because there was no way on the road, but because there was no intention to let it pass. VIPs travel on the same damn road and reach their destinations in half or even lesser time than us. Why not ambulances? How can we give preference to a person late for office over a person fighting for life?

Ambulance stucked in jam on Zirakpur-Derabassi highway due to repair work of Ghaggar bridge in Derabassi on Thursday, September 22 2016.

Yes you might say that the police is involved in clearing the way. But that’s still an excuse. Deep inside you know that you simply do not care. Even some of us who let the ambulance pass only do so that we can put our cars behind it and get out of this traffic. But guess what? You are never getting out of the traffic in your head. And if some of our friends out there want to bring in religion, then let me tell you that you are doing the gravest sin by making another person suffer. Yes you are making someone suffer by not even trying to make a way. Maybe in some cases, there is genuinely no way an ambulance to pass, but the question is about intention. Did you try to give way? If your answer is yes, then ok. But if it is no, then understand this. There is a reason they say karma strikes back. And there will come a day when your own will be in that same ambulance and you will cry and beg for people to move, but no one will budge.

So we should act now and not allow the situation to worsen so much. Let us show that there is still something human about us. Let us show that we can actually care about someone we do not know. After all one good deed is all you need. So let us pledge that next time we hear an ambulance siren on the road, we will give our best to let it pass. After all, nothing is impossible. #letitpass


Amanish Lohan

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  1. Kamalanarayani
    October 16, 2020 Reply

    Glad that u wrote about an issue that is witnessed by almost everyone who is on a road. During Covid time, especially, n number of ambulances keep honking and continue honking. Do you know why? In the name of leaving way for the ambulance, our crazy humans rush faster looking for their way. Self-concern all the time. We gotta think that, what if it’s us inside one day? Really, where is humanity?

    Just to add, many cars rule the road like ambulance! We lack awareness!

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