Let us drink gold coz we don’t care about water

By April 26, 2017Food for thought, Society

We often talk about water conservation and how it helps sustain almost every living thing on this planet. But the problem is that we only talk. It is human tendency to act once something has already happened. Prevention is better than cure, we all know that, but never follow. The same way, we have water in plenty and that’s the reason we are so ignorant about it. From drinking to washing to bathing, water is an essential part of our lives. But have we ever thought of a scenario 30-40 years from now?

To be honest, I don’t think we even need to wait for 40 years to see the importance of water. The way we are wasting water, it’ll be within ten years we have a global catastrophe. Then, the amount of water a person has will determine their wealth. We would empty our pockets in showrooms to buy 100 ml of water, and the rates will fluctuate every day. To own a barrel of water would be a privilege vested with a chosen few. In a nation like India, almost every river is polluted beyond repair, and even worse, the government keeps spending Millions of rupees for its apparent restoration. And we all know where that money goes. Yes, it might be indirectly trickling into the rivers in the form of religious offerings, it is not being spent for restoration.

What will be the situation in future?

A classic irony would be for these very same people to spend money to buy water 15 years from now. Another worrying problem with us is that somehow we take things for granted too soon and then stop caring about them. Water and air, the two essentials for our life are on the top of our list. I can bet there are millions of people who still might not be aware how oxygen is created. But they will know how to upload a selfie on Instagram. Water conservation as a concept needs to spread within the society and steps need to be taken to curb its misuse.

water conservation

A day when gold flows out of these taps

Somehow, we have this false assurance that water is not going to end. Trust me folks, it is going to end and won’t even be another 20 years but lesser. All the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and fresh water is distorting the salinity ratio of the oceans, which in turn affect so many life forms. Now you don’t want me to go into those technicalities, coz honestly if you were aware, you would never waste water in the first place. And the people today are so ignorant with some even boasting IQs less than room temperatures, it is hard to fathom how and who is going to conserve water.

Small and meaningless things take up most of our time and somehow we are unable to look at the bigger picture. Well, it might not be too late to take a step in the right direction and start conserving water today. Otherwise, you might find gold to drink, but water – I’m not so sure.