Organ donation is something which has always intrigued me. Yet somehow, whenever I talk to someone about it, they immediately get defensive and glare at me like I dared talked about the worst taboo ever. And this is a reaction I have received not only in India, but even abroad. I have a strong intuition a lot of it has to do with religion and customs, but let’s not tread into dangerous waters. It’s all ‘good days’ after all. Anyways, coming back to the topic of organ donation – why do you think are we so reluctant to donate something which we literally don’t use (posthumous obviously)?

Mythology and the myths

I remember a friend of mine once talking about the Bhagwad Gita (treading into dangerous waters now). So, according to him, the Gita talks about how the human body is simply a carrier for the soul, which lives eternally. In contrast, the human body, after completing its journey, simply decays once the soul is detached from it. So, my question is – why not put the decaying body to some better use? Let me ask you all something – what do you do with your old fridge or washing machine? I am sure most of you sell it off, and not burn it or bury it for sure. Fine, you are one of those people who do want to bury or burn them. Even then, I am sure you would take out everything inside them and then proceed with your routine. Yes, I know it’s a piss poor analogy, but you get the point. Why should humans be any different? At least those things chilled your beer and washed your dirty linen. All we do is consume and rarely do anything for anyone except us. And even after we are dead, basically we are still useless. I am pretty sure the soil texture is not going to improve with your melting heart. So why not someone else carry that heart and live a happy and prosperous life? Yes, that does sound utopian but there should be some silver lining right.

The Real Issue

Now, let us get serious for a moment. The black market of organ donation in India has expanded beyond its realm. Individuals are ready to sell their organs for a petty amount, but that same organ can be sold at exorbitant rates. Why do you think that happens? The root cause of this evil is the reluctance of people to donate organs of their loved ones, or even themselves. For once, we need to keep religion and culture out and think rationally. It is heart breaking for someone to lose their loved ones, and especially if this loss comes at a young age. But what we don’t realize is that your bane can be someone’s boon. We all talk about humanity, charity, doing something for others and the jargons go on. But we have ways to help and we always decide to back off. Somehow, it is a shocking revelation for me to discover the permanent status people tend to attain in this world.

Nothing is permanent, not even the universe. So, let us not get carried away in our blind gust of power or the fallacy of money. A helping hand goes a long way, and the world desperately needs a few. The amount of intolerance in people today is disturbing to see, leave alone fathom. So, if we do not have the patience or time to help others when we are alive, let’s give it a try after we are gone. After all, you might give your heart a chance to beat for a few more years.



Amanish Lohan