Top 5 Reasons why people are unhappy at their job

By February 19, 2017Society

Every person has to work to survive but it is not necessary that they are happy with the job. So many people complain of being stuck at a place in life where they cannot move anywhere at all. So many students fresh from college/universities find themselves stuck at a workplace they have no interest in. And before they turn 25, they are already a corporate slave. So have you ever wondered why you are unhappy with your job? Let’s find out.

You do not enjoy what you are doing

This is the most common yet most critical problem faced by people. So many of us are stuck in such a time loop, that it seems hard to escape. A doctor can never be a good doctor unless he/she is passionate about it. And this goes for any profession. Work today has become a burden for most of the people and they do not enjoy what they do. It is true that you need to work in order to fulfil your needs and desires, but at the same time you need to enjoy whatever you do.

You are afraid of taking risks

Again, this is a major problem with so many youngsters today, even those who are freshers. And somewhere this is the parent’s fault as well. In a country like India, with widespread poverty, is a nation of assurances. Every parent wants their kid to secure a government job and earn until they turn 60. And due to this, the willingness or the zeal to do something new dies in the kid as well.

Your workplace is a living hell

Imagine you going to place every morning and somehow it reminds you of school days. Why? Well maybe because kids in school used to bully you the same way. This is a genuine problem faced by a number of people at workplace these days. Somehow, there are certain individuals who are unable to fit into the corporate environment and end up getting bullied by their colleagues. And the worst part is, there is no help as well. Imagine a 30 year-old complaining to the boss about people stealing his/her stapler. You get the idea right.

You feel your pay is not adequate

Every individual who takes up a job wants to be compensated fairly for it. And if you work hard for days and months and years, and even then you do not get the rewards – well that can’t feel good. One fine day, the job for the Vice President is vacant and you believe this is your chance. But out of the blue, the management brings in a much younger and less experienced person to fill the job. And guess what, your salary stays exactly where it was. Well, that can’t go down with many people. Unfortunately, this happens with a lot of people and the frustration keeps building up.

Finally, you are unsure about what to do in life

This is by far the most critical factor for unhappiness at the work place. Not even work place, people without aims and objectives are generally unhappy. Individuals who sometimes think about quitting their job are not sure about what to do next. What is their aim in life? What are they actually good at? And in the end, they end up dropping the whole idea. If this happened with you as well, now is the time to change it. Just sit and relax, take a deep breath and think what you really enjoy doing. Think about an ideal job for yourself. And guess what, if you are clear in your head, you will actually find a way to create that ideal job and be happy. So what are you waiting for? Get up and make the change, because belief can move mountains!!