Food for thought

Women are so wrong to feel unsafe in India

Did you read that report by some Thomson Reuters declaring our country the most unsafe for women? I mean come one, are you sure you are talking about India only? And that too, on parameters like trafficking, sexual violence and cultural traditions. Worst on cultural traditions? Are you serious? We are the most culturally rich country in the whole wide world. Haven’t you seen our ads on incredible India where everyone is so full of culture and tradition and always ready to help each other.

We are a nation of unity in diversity. Now that’s a different deal altogether that unity for us means whack the neighbour, kill the relative and exploit the girl, but that’s all in good spirit. I mean let us get serious for a bit. I want to ask all the women out there, what are you afraid of in India? Let me talk about a few things which you might be thinking about.

Women might say they are afraid of eve teasers. But they are harmless, trust me. The most they will do is stalk you day and night, so you have a free bodyguard. On top of that they will try all means to get your phone number, so what. Everyone has a right to invade each other’s privacy, after all the government is leading from the front. Next, they might make rude gestures at you or leer at you. That’s only to tell you how desperate they are. So don’t worry, they are only expressing their emotions. Anyways education in our schools is a joke, so these people need to show their skills somewhere. On top of this, they might call you names. Be happy, someone is giving you attention. And these guys have been taught these things at home by their parents, possibly mothers. I am sure mothers are experts in training sons to eve tease. After all, a woman understands the attention another woman wants. Or maybe its their sisters. It’s a shame they don’t test these skills first on their sisters. There will be room for improvement then right?

Then might come stage two, where the eve teasers might get so desperate they will either try to force you or else find a car battery full of acid and give you a facial. Now women need to understand that acid is a natural cleaner. Haven’t you seen the bathroom after pouring acid? Well, the same goes for your face. So don’t be afraid, just embrace it and let them throw it. After all you won’t get a free facial everyday. But it should come with a disclaimer that the acid facial might turn into facial transformation as well. Who doesn’t like change though? Another solution for these guys is to force you into submission and steal your respect and identity from you. Big deal. You didn’t die right? And if you are lucky enough to be living in one of those villages, you might get a free groom as well. Life is sorted.

Otherwise, you might be a part of an urban up class society or even the middle class. Okay fine, any class. Then what happens? You will be asked to shush it up, and your neighbours will talk about it for a few days. And then your character will be questioned. But you are not seeing the positive here also. Firstly, your parents are teaching you patience and passiveness. These are anyways critical after marriages in India, when parents sell their daughters to a complete stranger and even provide you money and utilities to survive. That is not trafficking, this is our culture, our heritage. If this stupid education had not come in our way, we would been even better at it. But fortunately, even education has not been able to permeate all our mindsets. We have the capability to study 10 degrees around the world and preserve our culture of narrow mindedness and jealousy. How amazing are we?

Unfortunately, no one teaches guys these traits. See, how lucky women are. And what if your neighbours are talking about your character? They are making you famous. They feel bad they could not achieve something like this. They are jealous of you. The aunty next door could not share her affair, nor the uncle about his girlfriend. But your story spread like wildfire. It’s obvious there will be jealousy. Even their son had 57 affairs but not one made his character questionable. Poor guy.

Now, even after all this, if you feel unsafe in India, then I can’t help it. The only things left after this discussion is the patriarchal society which asks you to stay inside the house and work, for your own safety of course. Or it could be your parents who want to quickly get you married and let them live a life. You won’t believe how much fun a life is for spineless creatures, because they are so flexible. (Oh btw this was not about your parents, just a general statement). Maybe you have a problem with those people who are not willing to help when someone is teasing you. They think you are enjoying it, as you are the one getting all the attention. Or maybe you feel unsafe due to all the men in uniforms who were supposed to do their duty, but became frankensteins themselves. That is also because they think women like monsters. Oh, maybe you feel unsafe because you don’t know who to trust or not…..well, that is something we learn very quickly these days don’t we?


Amanish Lohan